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Connect with other ADHDers

Unmask and share shame-free with other ADHD folks who understand what life is like for you.

Switch off to switch on

Take a proper break from the non-stop chug of life and focus just on you. No rushing, no one else to look after.

Design your real-life ADHD system

Uncover your strengths and challenges and design a YOU-shaped operations manual to make life easier.

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Head over to iforgottotellyou.com, where you can listen to Ron Capalbo, a fellow ADHD coach, and I talk all things ADHD.

My Latest ADHD Advice

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More women are being diagnosed with ADHD as adults. Learn some of the more surprising (and common!) presentations on ADHD in women.

Does journaling help with ADHD?

The simple act of writing is one of the most underrated tools for unpacking and clarifying an overwhelmed ADHD brains. Here are some ideas to get started.