Empower your teen with the skills for success, with less nagging and last minute stress.

Build the skills for school success

Trying harder, getting motivated or "caring more" won't help your student with ADHD if they don't have the executive skills they need to succeed.

Many kids and uni students with ADHD are incredibly bright. But they're also often wobbly in the important organisational, planning, attention and task initiation skills required to do well at school.

And more importantly, these are the same skills our kids need to have a good quality of life and to create a successful future.

It's a comment lament of late-diagnosed adults with ADHD: "I wish I'd learned this stuff when I was a kid!"

The benefits of executive function skills building for students go well beyond improved academic performance and behaviour at school. But they are welcome side effects.


ADHD coaching for teens and uni students

Build the habits, systems and mindsets to get what you want.

The conventional organisation strategies that we all know are not designed for people with ADHD. 

Uncover strengths alongside awareness of ADHD traits.

It's a fact: kids with ADHD get many more negative messages than their neurotypical mates. Self-awareness in coaching means leaning into your strengths as well as learning how your ADHD gets in the way. 

Dial down the shame, dial up the hope.

Students with ADHD often carry a lot of shame and become resistant and disengaged over time. For teens that have buy-in, coaching is an encouraging and fun place to explore their struggles.

Liz Welshman

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