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I currently have a waitlist of about 3 months for 1-on-1 kid coaching, and about 6 weeks for 1-on-1 adult coaching.

If you'd like to see someone more quickly, please check out ADHD Coaches Australasia - a directory of qualified, well trained ADHD coaches.

All coaching sessions are conducted over Zoom. I'm Sydney-based, but thanks to video conferencing I work with clients across Australia and New Zealand, and well beyond!


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Speaking & Workshops

November 17-19, 2022

Annual International Conference on ADHD, Dallas, Texas

The Unfunny Parent’s Guide to Good Humor: Radically Optimistic Parenting for ADHD Kids Who Can Bounce Back

Good-humored parenting can help families living with ADHD cope with the ups and downs of everyday life, reconnect, and provide a supportive environment for kids to bounce back shame-free from their mistakes. But how can exhausted parents of kids with ADHD go from stressed out and “walking on eggshells” to cheerful optimism, even when emotions run sky high? In this interactive workshop, parents will explore how they can prioritize their own emotional needs to breathe the fun back into home life, recover from setbacks and raise young ADHD adults who can confidently meet the challenges of the big wide world.

August 3, 2022

ICF Australasia, ADHD Coaching Forum

Women with ADHD: Untangling Achievement from Self-Worth

Smart, driven and successful are not features that align with culturally embedded ideas of ADHD. Yet they’re strikingly typical amongst a rising number of women and girls who have finally received a diagnosis. New awareness and attribution of their struggles to ADHD often exists in sharp contrast with burnout and low self-esteem from years of not measuring up to perfectionist expectations. As agents for change, coaches have a unique opportunity to partner with women in separating their sense of self from their ADHD, double down on their strengths and explore unchallenged beliefs around productivity and achievement as virtues.