Liz Welshman, Sydney ADHD Coach

Build the skills to live confidently with ADHD.

ADHD coaching helps you work with your unique brain to take charge of your time, to-do's and talents.

Life with ADHD doesn't have to be so hard. 

ADHD coaching is a collaborative process that helps you understand your ADHD and design personalised systems that you can stick with. 


Certified ADHD and executive function coach

I work with adults and students with ADHD who are sick of their executive skill challenges getting in the way of their brilliance.

Through a strengths-based coaching approach that asks "what's right" rather than "what's wrong", I help clients develop loving self-awareness, restore self-confidence and build ADHD-friendly strategies to help them reach their potential.

I believe that you are the expert of your own mind and life and that you innately know what works best for you. As your coach and champion I'll help you uncover new strategies and develop a bold vision of what's possible.

Liz Welshman ADHD coach

Bridge the gap between desire and action.

Master your brain to get the important things done.

Learn how to manage motivation, interest and boredom to get started – even when you don’t feel like it.

Build upon your strengths and double down on what's working.

Celebrate your successes, uncover your innate talents and harness those gifts to tackle your struggles. 

Manage big feelings and build your emotional resilience.

Gain awareness and get on top of explosive emotions to pause, recover and respond. 



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Life with ADHD can be a whole lot easier..

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