Upcoming ADHD Workshops

A different approach to ADHD parenting

Feeling burned out by the stress of navigating an ADHD household? Parenting a kid with ADHD can be the challenge of a life time. What if there was a better way that prioritises the wellbeing and resilience of the whole family unit? 

Join me for a 90 minute workshop to explore some small shifts to help set up your kid for success, and get you out the other side in one piece.

  • Next workshop date TBC

Start the Semester Strong

Set yourself up for success this academic semester. In this 90 minute live workshop, Liz will guide you through setting up your ADHD-friendly systems to start this term of study confidently. 

  • Next workshop date TBC - mid-September 2023

In Charge at Work Coaching Group

Small group coaching for professionals with ADHD 

  • Three Tuesdays a month, 12:30pm (Sydney)
  • 60-75 minute small group coaching sessions