Meet Liz 

Hi! I'm an ADHD coach and consultant from Sydney, Australia.


I help people build ADHD-friendly lives and restore their self-confidence.

My wonderful clients range from stressed out caregivers looking for a bit of peace, to recently diagnosed adults plagued by perfectionism, students ready to get a bit more independence with their studies, to kids who just want to have more fun, more friends and do ok at school.

My deep-dive into ADHD began on a (flailing) search for "good enough" parenting strategies to support my very gorgeous son and make home and school life more relaxed.

Along the way, I've faced my own executive function challenges that, as is the case for many women, only compounded as I layered more responsibility into my life! Awareness and acceptance has allowed me to work with these differences and ultimately appreciate the gifts of unique brain wiring.

I studied as an ADHD coach via the ADD Coaching Academy in New York to help other people live peacefully with ADHD.

I'm a credentialed Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a Certified ADHD Coach with ADDCA.

My vision for every kid, adult and parent I work with is to graduate them from coaching with confidence.

I want to help you not just tolerate the impacts of ADHD, but build the emotional resilience and self-confidence to build a truly rewarding life.

Adult ADHD Coach Sydney
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach

    International Coaching Federation

    Associate Certified Coach

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    ADD Coaching Academy

    Certified ADHD Coach

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    Australian ADHD Professionals Association

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How to get started

Book an Initial Strategy Session

Interested in 1:1 ADHD Coaching with me? Please schedule an initial strategy session to get started. We'll clarify your challenges and opportunities, and set the wheels in motion with some next steps. If we both decide to move forward with ongoing coaching, my monthly coaching fee starts at $350.