About Liz

I work with adults and students with ADHD who are sick of their executive skill challenges getting in the way of their brilliance.

My strengths-based coaching approach asks "what's right" before "what's wrong". I help clients build ADHD-friendly lives, beat burnout and restore self-confidence.

I believe that you're the expert of your own mind and life. As your coach and champion I'll help you uncover new strategies and develop a bold vision of what's possible.

ADHD Coach Liz Welshman

Do you have all the best intentions, know what to do, but struggle with meaningful & consistent action?

Build systems to get the important things done.

Navigate motivation, interest and boredom to get started - even when you don't feel like it - and sustain effort to completion. 

Understand your emotional experience of ADHD.

Get curious about how sensitivity, intuition and big emotions affect you. Find compassionate ways to pause & disrupt patterns.

Double down on what's already working.

Celebrate your successes, uncover your innate talents and harness your strengths to problem-solve struggles.


Here's how we can work together.

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Private ADHD coaching

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Latest Articles

The Hidden Workload: Why Your ADHD Brain Feels Overwhelmed

If your best-laid plans fizzle into oblivion, it may not be because you’re unproductive or unmotivated, or whatever less-than-kind judgement you make about yourself. Many of my ADHD coaching clients make thoughtful plans for getting the important stuff done, but feel like they can’t follow through on their intentions for their time. They do all […]

ADHD Parenting & Setting Realistic Expectations

Are your ADHD parenting expectations realistic? Accounting for your child's developmental stage can be a game changer for you and your child.

Women with ADHD: Falling Through the Cracks?

More women are being diagnosed with ADHD as adults. Learn some of the more surprising (and common!) presentations on ADHD in women.


Hear from my clients.

“For the first time in my life, I feel like an adult. I used to have a pattern of blowing up my life every time I “screwed up”. Now if I drop the ball, I take a deep breath and plan my next steps. The only thing better than this shift is actually feeling like I am choosing my emotional responses, rather than blowing up at people I love." 

Jack, 28

“It honestly never occurred to me that I could design a life that fits me, instead of expecting that one day I would have tried hard enough and everything would click. My coaching work with Liz has made me realise that I’m allowed to make things easy!”

Anna, 42

“I just wanted to thank you! I’m starting to really see positive changes in the way I structure my life. My husband mentioned how coaching with you is really working to improve my impulses. It makes me feel like I’m a positive contribution to this family.”

Christine, 38

Life with ADHD doesn't have to be so hard.

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